About the Site

Photographer's Bio

Hi, welcome to Journeywood. I'm Alicia Wong, a computer tech residing in NYC. I'm in my mid-twenties, self-proclaimed geek, and photo hobbyist. I've been creating web sites since '98, mostly for fun and personal interest. I started taking photos in '03 during my trip to China, mostly snapshots. When I got home I couldn't stop taking pictures. I've been teaching myself (playing around) photography since.

The Blog

Instead of letting my photos sit on my hard drive, I wanted to share them online. I never imagined there would be such a large community to share with. I find it's wonderful to be outdoors and experience the atmosphere around me. I especially like places in a natural environment. I like taking nature shots around the NYC area with scenics and wildlife. I'm in the hustle in bustle in the city quite often. Even though I am no fan of commotion, the crowds, and the concrete, there's a certain beauty and energy to it. It's hard to describe.